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  • Education and Work Experiences

    I am a Florida Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, trained in the Systemic and Solution Oriented models of change combined with Positive-Psychology principles. I am Certified Strategic “Relationship Coach” – trained in the Tony Robbins, Chloe Madanes, Magali Peysha, and Mark Peysha Strategic-Intervention Methodologies. One of the many issues I help clients with is providing communication-enhancement techniques to help improve their relationships and themselves. To augment my Psychotherapy and Relationship-Coaching Practice and the services I provide, I became certified as an: (1) – Anger-Management Coach certified by the Anderson & Anderson Model, (2) – a Certified Medical Family Therapist, and (3) – a Certified Relational Hypnotherapist, both of these certifications attained while at Nova Southeastern University’s (NSU) School of Social and Systemic Studies, where I received my Master’s and Doctorate degrees.

    I have written several articles and presented at various conferences and at workshops for professionals and for the public on a variety of themes, such as: “Multicultural and Generational Differences in Immigrant Families”, “Communications Skills for Couples and Families”, “Anger Management for Women”, “Changes in Emotional Wellbeing in Families Experiencing Cancer”, “Grief and Sadness During the Holidays”, “Anger Management in the Work Situations” and on other topics that encourage self and relationship enhancement.

    During my semesters at NSU to attain my Master’s degree, I worked as a guidance counselor at Broward College (B.C.). One source of pride in my career is that I initiated and taught the “Learning Skills for College” classes at the Las Olas campus. Some of the topics covered were: “Time Management”, “Study Skills”, “The Different Learning-Styles”, and many others that helped students in their freshmen year learn how to adapt to an environment different than their high-school.

    While I was running my private-practice, I was hired at Gilda’s Club, an organization that provides services to anyone touched by cancer. I facilitated many of the groups including the Hispanic Wellness Groups – “Grupos de Apoyo” and assisted in coordinating the annual “Hispanic Day of Wellness” and presented for 3 years on “Emotions and Cancer” in Spanish. I have a passion to help educate people on cancer-prevention and about the emotional experiences of being a cancer-survivor and a family care-giver. From my years of working with people touched by cancer, I realized the need for cancer awareness in the Hispanic Community, so I joined the South Fla. Cancer Collaborative Coalition (SFCCC). For a few years I served as a Co-Chair for the Disparities Work-Group, a sub-group within the SFCCC and presented on several Spanish radio shows on the topic of “Cancer within Hispanic Families”. I have presented in conferences on the issue of emotions and how these become the focus of attention for a caretaker of a loved-one who has a medical illness.

    Working in a variety of settings has prepared me to assist others who experience many changes throughout their lives. The training and education I have received throughout my various careers has become a useful tool because I can identify with what clients tell me they are experiencing. Many clients tell me that what they learn about themselves and what motivates them, which are the beginning steps on the process towards achievement of making changes, setting goals, and then reaching those goals.

    In addition to being a prominent Relationship-Coach and Psychotherapist, I have presented at National Conferences in the USA, and in Buenos Aires, Argentina and to other local professional organizations and the general public, speaking on various topics.

    I’m an interactive Relationship-Coach and Psychotherapist and use a variety of techniques to help you attain desired goals. My approach is to provide support and practical feedback to help you effectively address the personal life and relationship challenges you want to change. I integrate complementary methodologies and techniques to offer a highly personalized approach tailored to each client be it an individual, couple, or family. With compassion and understanding, I work with each client to help you build on the strengths you have, so that as you persevere, you will attain the personal and relational goals you are committed to accomplishing.